Lily of the Nile, Part 2…

Lately I’m obsessed with macro, I seem to be incapable of taking a photo of these flowers from far away. That’s ok, because my ‘style’ seems to be “the details”… I try to photograph things that you have to stop and pay attention in order to see them.

Just think of it as my service to you. You go about your busy day, and I photograph the things you might have missed… and now that it’s a photograph you can look at it whenever you want. 😉

In addition to using my macro lenses lately, I’ve been exploring using my ring flash more. As you will see in the next few posts.

For this post, the subject is Lily of the Nile flowers… up-close and using a flash in the middle of the day. In fact these photos were taken around 1:30pm… the time when most photographers pack it up and go to lunch or work on the computer. These flowers were in open shade and I used my ring flash.

My favorite from the photo shoot has to be this first one… for some reason it really looks like a painting to me. The others are pretty cool too, enjoy. 😀

lily of the nile - favorite

lily of the nile

lily of the nile

lily of the nile

Until next time…


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