*auspicious – of good omen; indicating future success*


You may be wondering about my blog title. My answer would have to go something like this… Whenever I see a squirrel, I smile and my day suddenly gets better. Which means that squirrels are somehow auspicious in my eyes, hence, the auspicious squirrel. 🙂

My husband and I have been vegetarians for more than a decade (since Summer ’98). In Dec ’08, we become a vegans. And it just so happens that I love to cook. I originally started this blog to share my recipes, and to talk about my journey into veganism from a fun food perspective.

After my puppy of nearly 15 years passed away, I was crushed. His absence left a void in my heart. I no longer knew who I was, because for years I was the stay-at-home puppy-mom of a sweet, but separation-anxiety riddled, geriatric pup.

I took a good hard look at my life, post puppy-mom, and I decided to pursue a new path. I’m currently taking classes in both accounting and photography. These classes have not only stimulated my mind, but they have allowed me to get back ‘out there’ and be around others. Not to mention, they allowed me to not focus on my grief, and have helped me begin to heal.

My blog has changed a bit recently from being mostly food-centric (and puppy-centric) to more photography exploration. I will still post about food when I’ve made something interesting that I’d like to share, but now I will also share my photographs as well.

Unfortunately, my posting schedule is still a bit sporadic, I am, after all, a creature of chaos. But as I try to figure out how to balance my school work, with my current life, I hope to eventually get to a posting schedule that makes sense.

**Update** A few days before Thanksgiving 2011, we decided to adopt a Basset Hound. She has brought such light into our lives. Laughter fills our home (and our hearts) again. I feel rejuvenated and interested in creating in the kitchen again. Also, I dropped my accounting classes at the end of October and decided to focus more on my photography classes.

I hope that you will enjoy this little blog as my life goes down this new winding path.

This is my journey,

Oh, and one more thing… I refer to my husband as my taste-tester. He has always been there to support all of my endeavors, he is my best friend. I didn’t know how to refer to him when I started this blog. I was posting lots of recipes back then, so I decided to refer to him as the one who also enjoyed the food I was making, and actively asked him his opinion, therefore making him the official ‘taste-tester’. 🙂