Flowers and Bees, Part 3.1 …

As mentioned before, one of the projects I’m working on is bees on flowers. I went out four mornings in a row and got some great shots.

I wanted to separate day 3 into two posts because the themes of my favorite photos can be grouped into two categories; bee on flower, and interesting flower (which also has a bee photo). It’s a loose grouping because I’m posting an interesting flower today as well, but it’s purple and goes with these photos better than the next post which is red flowers. Hey, it makes sense in my mind.

Day 3 started out really well, I was able to get several pictures of this bee that is all over this flower and covered in pollen. For the first time in my life, I can actually see a bee as cute! Seriously, of all the things photography has given me, the ability to see my nemesis as adorable is one I never anticipated. 🙂

bee on purple/pink flower

bee on purple/pink flower

bee on purple/pink flower

If you are wondering what the little orange parts on the bees hind legs are (like my classmates were), they are pollen sacs. The bee collects pollen and pushes it into these sacs… for more information check out this link.

Near the end of my walk I came across this flower, it was so interesting I had to photograph it. I have no idea what kind of flower it is.

purple flower

Q: Have you had something in your life be a problem/nemesis that suddenly turned into something you could appreciate and even see as friendly or cute?

I have long had a fear of bees, I’m well aware that bees pollinate flowers/plants and allow me to have fruits and vegetables (which is important to a vegetarian), but it wasn’t until these photos that I actually saw a bee as cute. The pollen all over it’s face is just… adorable!

Until next time…


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