Seals… and some random thoughts…

It has come to my attention, in more than one form, that being a Creature of Chaos isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It might be hard to believe, but I used to be *very* type-A… I had a schedule, a ten-year plan, and I was hungry when it was 5 o’clock (meaning, I had to look at my watch to see if I was hungry).

I think in my quest to chill-out and let life lead me, I went a bit too far. Lately, I’ve been feeling out of control and have no sense of where my time is spent.

The past two days I did something different… I didn’t necessarily do it on purpose, but it got me thinking. I can still be unconventional and have a schedule. The last two mornings I woke up and did my favorite thing — take photos. I literally got out of bed, put on ‘outside’ clothes, hooked Sweetie up to her leash, grabbed my camera and we went for a walk… the walks have been lasting around 2 hours. And the photos have been amazing (I’m working on a project for class).

Not only am I getting awesome shots, I’m feeling like I’ve accomplished something. When I get home, I have time to do some chores and work on other things. The morning walks have been almost a yogic/meditative experience, a walking meditation, if you will.

And so I starting thinking… I used to blog *all the time* and have kind of fell out of practice. I’d like to reestablish a blogging routine. As my subscribers can attest to, I also need to have a buffer between writing a post and publishing it… because yesterday I accidentally published a test post. You can’t *un-publish* a post, you can set it to private… but it has already been emailed out to all your subscribers.. eep.

I used to blog after my morning walks… but lately I’ve been more comfortable blogging at the end of the day. Having that buffer in mind, I can blog in the evenings, but schedule it to publish first thing in the morning. Giving me time to stop it if I need to, or edit it if I want to. I’m having a hard time saying/writing a definite schedule (ie. MWF mornings) but I know that if I don’t, it’s still random and chaotic. Baby steps, I say. I prefer to blog when I have something to say, or something to show… and that isn’t easy to put in a defined schedule. I will, however, make a better attempt to post more often.

I have a ton of photos I’d like to share (I’m a bit backlogged) and hopefully it will just become a habit to blog again.

Today, I’d like to share more photos from the family visit… this time it’s the harbor seals. Enjoy! 🙂

seals & pelicans



Until next time…


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