Elephants! and Birds…

You all know I love animals. I have an affinity for birds. But elephants… well, they have a very special place in my heart.

Recently a baby elephant was born in the San Diego Safari Park and I’ve been wanting to go for months to see him. I finally got my chance yesterday. 🙂

I got there just in time to witness a feeding… all the elephants were given these yellow flowering branches to eat.

group of elephants enjoying yellow flowers

elephant enjoying yellow flowers

elephant enjoying yellow flowers

There are a couple of small elephants, but this one is the smallest and stays very close to his mom.

Mom & baby elephants

Mom & baby elephants

This one is my favorite… the little one has his trunk on his friend just behind mom…Mom, baby, & friend elephants

Speaking of birds… there were a few interesting birds as part of the live butterfly exhibit. They have you twirl around to make sure the butterflies aren’t hitchhiking on you and have you go into another exhibit… this one has some interesting birds in it (then they have you twirl one more time to leave just in case a butterfly got thru the first twirl. 😛

This bird is the first bird I saw… perched up high above me and looking pretty cool. I had to keep looking up and changing my position to get this shot.

brown bird

This one was hiding a bit, I love the feathers sticking out…

black bird

And a blue macaw… this bird is at the entrance/exit of the Safari Park… I’ve tried taking his picture before but now I have gained better skills for dealing with the light that is usually too dark or too bright.


Until next time…


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