In the book I’m reading, Within the Frame – The Journey of Photographic Vision, the author (David duChemin) talks about the value of wandering. He encourages us, photographers, to go explore past the post card images and to wander, slow down, and literally get lost. While I’m not brave enough to get lost, I can see the value in wandering and slowing down.

Dr. Seuss tree
I went to La Jolla Cove yesterday with the intention of getting several photos of the ‘Dr. Seuss tree’ for my class assignment. It is said that Dr. Seuss lived in La Jolla and took his inspiration from the trees in the area. The land at La Jolla Cove apparently had many Monterey Cypress trees in the area, and this is ‘the last one standing‘.

After taking many many shots of this tree at various focal lengths, I decided to just wander. Actually, I had taken a few photos prior to getting to the tree, like this one of these pelicans.pelicans

On my way to the tree, I had noticed two people doing yoga. I stopped and watched for awhile. Then moved on. After taking several photos of the tree, I happened to notice that the two doing yoga were still visible from my new location. I snapped a quick pic of them. To be honest, I think they were practicing a specific routine. The guy would do a series of moves, and then the girl would attempt to repeat his moves. Whatever they were doing, it looked pretty neat to me…

I had Sweetie with me at the time, and we decided it was time to move along. I was looking out at the ocean when I saw a woman in a white dress out in the water. Soon I realized that she was having her picture taken. I was up on a hill looking down, and I just started taking photos of her.
The white dress against the dark blues and greens was just so beautiful. I think this may be the subject I was looking for, I have a series of photos that I’m seriously thinking of using for my assignment.woman in white

We moved on, we were headed to the harbor seal viewing area (children’s pool), when I saw him. The cutest little squirrel! I peered over the edge and as I continued to take photos the squirrel looked at me… and then came closer. I think the shutter noise had his attention. But when I didn’t feed him, he ran away. But I got some great photos of him!
Soon we were at the children’s pool watching the harbor seals. It is currently pupping season, and the mother seals are teaching their young to swim. I was able to capture a few mother/child photos of the harbor seals.
squirrelharbor seals
harbor sealsharbor seals
 We hung out for awhile, Sweetie met some people, then the sun started to get lower. I made my way back to Dr. Seuss’s tree to get more photos from a different angle and different lighting (although I still like the woman in white best).

As we were headed back to the car, I stopped and took just a few more photos of things that ‘caught my eye’ as duChemin encourages in the book I’m reading.

The green on these rocks with the white seagulls is just beautiful.
Slowing down and wandering… I had a great photo experience. Even though I had a specific subject in mind, I kept my mind open for other possibilities and found so much to photograph.

Until next time…


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