My assignment was to take a subject and photograph it from different angles, heights, focal lengths, orientations, and apertures.

Once I chose my subject, I set out to make my photos evoke a sense of daunting. These are my favorite three from the photo shoot (I took 16 photos).

The stairs have 110 steps, they are pretty steep and will knock the wind out of you walking up them. Which I did, and was winded. I counted the steps on my way down
(I was too out of breath to count them on the way up).

For me, the photo from the top seems to evoke a sense of vertigo. Perhaps, that is because I was out of breath when I took the photo and I have a distinct memory when I look at it.

My hope is that you, the viewer, also feel a sense of daunting and vertigo when you look at these photos. Enjoy…

007_Feb-13-2013_1514_f_11.0_18.0 mm-favorite

015_Feb-13-2013_1518_f_3.5_18.0 mm-favorite

Until next time…


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