Catching Up…

Wow! Where did the time go? I’ve been really busy lately… I usually try to post at least once over the weekend, but I was swamped. I was up late into the wee hours of the morning working on something that is due today. I just couldn’t find the time to get a post up.

To make up for that little slip up (or lack of time management skills), I’m going to schedule a few posts to be published over the next few days of various things I’ve been working on lately.

I realize that this blog started out as a ‘food blog’, but I’ve heard you write about what you think about… and I haven’t really been thinking about food, I’ve been thinking about photography. Besides, the food I’m eating I’ve already talked about.

I’d rather talk about various aspects of photography, from capturing photos to post production to printing. I’d also rather talk about the fact that I’ve been learning some new software in the graphic design realm (like Illustrator & Inkscape, just to name a few). I’ve been a busy girl.

Add to all that fun stuff, the weather around here has finally changed from Summer to Fall (which means I’ve been out and about with my camera). We had some weird weeks in there where the highs actually got in the 80s (long after the east coast was calling it Autumn). This past week we’ve had some rain (something very rare around here), which meant interesting clouds in the sky (instead of clear blue skies) [** Sidenote: my classmates actually find clear blue skies “boring” in photos… go figure. I guess when you see them for something like 350 days of the year they can get boring? Whatever. **], and raindrops on flowers and spiderwebs.

Rain also brings snails! 😀 So I have some snail photos to share as well.

I have a limited amount of time today, so I’d better get to creating all those posts!

First up, something I’m pretty proud of… I was playing around with the idea of taking one of my photos and making it look like a watercolor painting. It all started with my homework assignment to print on textured paper (similar looking to watercolor paper and pastel/drawing paper). Which eventually led to me playing around in Inkscape. I used the calligraphy pen tool to outline key points in my photo and then blurred in some color. I think it turned out pretty cool. [**Sidenote: ultimately I used actual photos for my assignment, but the experiment was a fun thing ‘for me’ to keep and treasure. **]

For those interested, I got the idea from a book called, The Book of Inkscape by Dmitry Kirsanov, The Rose Tutorial p.357. FYI, Inkscape is Open Source software and is free to download, it works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. From the site: Inkscape is “an Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X, using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format.

Until next time…


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