‘Tis the Season for Spiderwebs!…

Everywhere I look it seems like a new spiderweb is being built. For the last several days I have been doing my best to try to capture images of spiderwebs.

They are moments in time.

I’m always surprised when I come back to an area and the spiderweb is still there, yet equally disappointed when it has disappeared or has been broken.

This morning I woke up with two very distinct locations in mind, I watched both spiderwebs being built last night (one I posted yesterday, the other the light was too dark to take a photo of without a tripod). I was sad to see that the spiderweb I saw later in the evening had already disappeared (only ~12 hours later).

The spiderweb I posted yesterday was still around and better lit, and so I feel the need to post that photo.

aperture: ƒ/8.0
shutter: 1/50
iso: 400
lens: EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM
focal length: 180mm

Now that I am in search of spiderwebs they seem like they are everywhere. I can definitely see why spiderwebs are associated with this time of year.

Are you intrigued by spiderwebs too?

Until next time…


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