Fun with Black & White Photo Conversion…

My latest project has me converting several of my photos to black & white. It is an interesting endeavor. The process to make one photo look good as a black and white is not necessarily the same process for another. I’m learning quite a bit about how colors translate into black and white, as well as, my own personal tastes. Prior to taking history of photography classes I was not very interested in black and white photos, now I see something very appealing about them.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite conversions with you here. For those of you interested, my latest way to convert to black and white is to use Photoshop’s Black & White Adjustment layer, I then check out the numerous preset filters and then tweak from there. I have labeled the photo with the process/filter I used as a base for the conversion. Enjoy!

High Contrast Red Filter with Blue Filter mask

Darker Filter

Maximum Black Filter with High Contrast Blue Filter at 75% Opacity

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Fun with Black & White Photo Conversion…

  1. I love the first photo of the (lily or magnolia ?) black and white. It is soooo elegant. It is so pretty. You have such an artistic eye……..pam

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