Happy Hour…

You all know I have some kind of obsession with hummingbirds. I was working on a project for class and one of my ideas was to make the hummingbird feeder appear very active. This is a composite picture, which means it is comprised of two or more photos. What do you think?

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Happy Hour…

  1. Nice picture….I was wondering why your hummingbirds will drink at the same time….when at my feeders they fight over them……lol Good job!!! They look like they are all there eating together.. Was it hard to match up the background ?


    • Pam – I have one main male bird that guards the feeder all day. Occasionally the other birds get to drink. This photo is made up of probably only two birds over a hour or so period. I set up the tripod and took a photo when the bird was in a location that it wasn’t in before. Then I went through the photos and picked out the best ones. Even though I used a tripod the background did change a bit over time… the birds tend to move the feeder when they get startled (by each other or by the camera). Basically, I used one photo as the background and each additional bird has a mask around it covering it’s background. 🙂

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