Dread Pirate Sprout’s Island Feast…

I picked up some Brussels sprouts the other day when I went to the farmer’s market. I didn’t really know what I was going to do with them, but I remembered that when I’d made them before, using Alison’s technique, they were good.

Last time I made Brussels sprouts I put them over baked potatoes. But this time I wanted to try something a little different…

Alison’s technique uses coconut oil, which got me to thinking about piña coladas… and more specifically pineapple… which in turn reminded me that I had some baked tofu in the fridge (aloha flavored)… and an idea was born.

We tried to come up with a goofy/cool name for this dish, and the best we came up with (so far) is Dread Pirate Sprout’s Island Feast (we love the movie The Princess Bride, btw)… I guess that’s better than Brussels Colada or Pina Sprouts, right?

For the Brussels sprouts you’ll need:
♦ Brussels sprouts (sliced or shredded, I used the slice side on my food processor)
♦ carrots (shredded, I used the shred side on my food processor)
♦ garlic (minced)
♦ coconut oil
♦ 1/2 onion (I had one on hand and decided to throw it in too, thinly sliced)
♦ salt & pepper, to taste
** Follow Alison’s lead and basically stir-fry the ingredients in the coconut oil.

For the rice you’ll need:
♦ brown jasmine rice (I found mine in the freezer isle, Tesoros brand)
♦ pineapple chunks in their own juice (cut into smaller bite-size pieces)
♦ baked tofu (I used Wildwood’s Aloha flavored, it has a nice ginger kick; cubed)
** Make the rice according to the package directions (mine takes 3 minutes in the microwave), add pineapple, juice, and tofu, stir and microwave a minute or so more until hot.

Viola! Dinner! 😀

This was a great flavor combination, we both went back for seconds! I served it with some garlic bread. Yum!

Until next time…


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