I never considered myself a Beatles fan, but recently I’m finding that there are several songs from those band members that I do really like. Particularly Paul McCartney and the Wings. I’ve been hearing ‘Silly Love Songs’ on the radio quite a bit lately, and I have to smile and sing along whenever I hear it.

So when I recently recieved a free $5 towards MP3s from Amazon, I figured why not get that song? While researching the best mp3 version of that song to get, I came across an mp3 album by Paul McCartney and the Wings called Wingspan. I started to look down the list of songs (and listen to the snippets) and told myself that if I liked 5 songs or more, it was worth it to spend the whole free money on the album.

It turns out that I like the majority of the songs on the first disk, and a handful of songs on the second disk… I’d say I definitely like (ie. will dance around and possibly sing along with) 18 out of 40 songs:

    Listen To What The Man Said
    Band On The Run
    Another Day
    Live and Let Die
    My Love
    Silly Love Songs

    Hi Hi Hi
    Let ‘Em In
    Goodnight Tonight
    Junior’s Farm

    Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey
    With A Little Luck
    Coming Up
    No More Lonely Nights

    Maybe I’m Amazed
    Helen Wheels

    Take It Away

The way I look at it, if I had wanted to buy the 18 or so mp3 songs separately it would have cost more than $5… and that $5 was ‘free’ and couldn’t be spent on anything but mp3s.

If you are a 70s kid, too, and like the occasional McCartney song like ‘Silly Love Songs’ or ‘Uncle Albert’, you might give this compilation a try. 😀

Wingspan MP3 album $4.99 at Amazon

Ok, so maybe my neighbors think I’m a little nuts for turning up Silly Love Songs, so be it. 😛

Until next time…


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