A Few Of My (New) Favorite Things…

I’ve been taking a bit of a (much needed) break between semesters, although, I did take a photographic lighting workshop a few weekends ago. New classes start up again in early August, in the meantime, I’ve been trying to get caught up with the rest of my world (ie. chores, exercise, etc.). Somehow the blog has been seriously on the back burner. Eventually, (at least this is what I tell myself) I will find a balance.

Last semester was a bit hectic, I was taking three classes and was quite busy (and somewhat stressed). I turned to snacks for sustenance, and thought I’d share some of my finds with you (while at the same time practicing some photo and lighting skills).

Raw Kale Chips

I have become addicted to these yummy chips (Kale Krunch)! You may recall that I tried to make raw kale chips on my own some time back, so when I saw these on the shelf I had to try them. I tried the Quite Cheezy flavor first and they were good, the next time I went to pick them up the Quite Cheezy were out of stock and an employee saw me eying the Cheezy Chipotle flavor, she said, “Ooooo those are so good! That’s my favorite flavor.” “So they aren’t too hot?”, I asked. She assured me that they weren’t too spicy and you know what? I’m so glad I tried them, because now the Cheezy Chipotle flavor is the one I crave. Yes, I have a new way to crave kale and it’s awesome! Plus the nutritional yeast (the cheezy part) is full of B vitamins, those are your energy vitamins.

They taste great with a side of carrots, by the way. 😀


Now granola is everywhere here in California, but I’m always on the look out for granola that doesn’t sneak in some dairy. Plus Bear Naked is a local company so I had to try them out. I have enjoyed both the Maple Pecan and Banana Nut flavors. Unfortunately, their chocolate flavor includes dairy, but not to worry, I have actually found one brand that has chocolate granola without the dairy – Back to Nature. We’ve tried several of the Back to Nature flavors too, and have enjoyed them all (fyi, the Cranberry Pecan contains dairy).

Lara Bars & Tea

Lara bars have become a bit of a staple around here, I mean what’s not to love? Dates, nuts, and fruit. I recently came across a new (to me) flavor, Pineapple Upside Down Cake… dates, almonds, pineapple… and it is delicious! I believe this is a seasonal flavor so hurry out and get some!

Tea… now, I am a serious green tea drinker. My friend says I’m a tea snob, but I think that just means I have good taste. 😉 I used to be a diehard Teavana fan, until they discontinued all my favorite tea flavors. Then I went on a quest to find a similar flavor from a different company, and I feel in love with Republic of Tea (my favorites are Orange Spice and Honey Ginseng). I’ve been enjoying the Republic of Tea for several months now.

During the weekend of my lighting class, we went to Balboa Park, for lunch I stopped by the Friendship Garden with a classmate. I tried a Japanese green tea called Japanese Cherry Sakura, and I loved it. I went searching for a similar tea and came across Cherry Rose from Tea Gallerie, it is really good! I bought a second cup of tea to take home with me that day, so my tea-tester could taste the cherry tea too, and he feels (like I do) that Cherry Rose is very close to the tea at the Friendship Garden. 😀 Oh, and Tea Gallerie is a local company, cool.

While searching the tea shelves, I saw this tea called Chocolate Monkey from Art of Tea (it is Rooibus tea), would you believe it’s chocolate and bananas! Mmmmm… I made this tea and added a bit of soy milk for dessert last night, yum!


The best thing about a food photo shoot is getting to eat the props!

Until next time…


6 thoughts on “A Few Of My (New) Favorite Things…

  1. Why hello Kale Krunch! I didn’t know that existed so I am going to hunt for that now, where did you find it? I love making kale chips but will make it for a few days, run out of kale then forget to buy some for another month or two. This definitely seems like a more convenient way to go about getting my kale in.

  2. A vendor at our farmer’s market was selling similar kale chips for $7.50/bag. How much did these cost and where did you get them? I love kale sautéed, steamed, etc., but the kids like the kale chips, and I find them a pain to make.

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