The Secret Ingredient Is…

Every so often, I’m in the mood to try out new and interesting recipes. While flipping through The 4-ingredient Vegan, I came across a recipe for BBQ Tempeh p.89 (online recipe). It sounded pretty good and it takes only 4 ingredients (tempeh, onions, bell peppers, and bbq sauce) to make!

I thought that coleslaw would be a great side for the BBQ, but as a vegan I haven’t had coleslaw in quite some time since it is usually made with dairy products. I looked through some cookbooks and found a great recipe in Appetite for Reduction called Cool Slaw p.38 (online recipe). This turned out really well. And the neat thing is that the creamy texture comes from… wait for it… cashews!

If you get a chance, I highly recommend both of these recipes, they didn’t take very long to prepare and made great leftovers to boot. 😀

I served the BBQ Tempeh on toast topped with some dill pickles. On the side, I served coleslaw (cool slaw) and sweet potato fries. YUM!

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7 thoughts on “The Secret Ingredient Is…

  1. There’s nothing like some bbq and slaw! I’m curious, how do the cashews bring a creamy texture to the slaw? I am actually very intrigued by this even though you know I’m not vegan.

    I was thinking about tempeh the other day and how it’s been way too long since I’ve made it. Your version looks fabulous!

    • Tiffany – Sorry it’s taken so long for me to reply. The cashews get soaked and then blended in a blender to basically make cashew butter. Once you add the rest of the ingredients from the coleslaw recipe you have a creamy sauce… just as if you had used milk or mayo. Cashews are naturally sweet and lend themselves very well to being blended up to make a non-dairy milk (with just cashews and water). You probably wouldn’t drink it straight unless you added some vanilla and a bit more sweetener, but for baking and cooking cashew non-dairy milk is a great substitute in many recipes. 😀 I’m always amazed at the ingenious ideas that vegans before me have come up with for creating veganized dishes from our childhood.

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