Curious Pup…

I really don’t know how the weeks are passing by so quickly. For some reason time seems to be going faster lately.

As you know I’m taking three classes this semester, and oddly enough the third class hasn’t started yet and I’m still this busy. Eep.

It’s all good. I’m learning a lot and having fun, and that is all that really matters, right?

So I’ve been contemplating when to post this picture of ‘Sweetie’. Normally I wait to post pictures from my class until after my class, but this picture is so awesome I’m having trouble waiting until the end of the semester to post it.

In this class I’ve been pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone and really give each assignment my all. This assignment was point of view, which meant that the photo was supposed to be taken from a point of view not normally seen. With the help of my taste-tester (ie. he had the treats to lure the pup) we were able to get this awesome photo. Enjoy!

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Curious Pup…

  1. Westminster kennel Club–last night hounds. Tonight golden retrievers. May the most beautiful and friendly dog win!

  2. Wow, great picture! The angle didn’t strike me until after a few seconds of looking at it–can you blame me, I was starting at Sweetie’s adorable face. Awesome job on the creativity aspect of it–how long is your class for? Are you going to keep taking photography classes?

    • Tiffany – Thanks! I’m taking three classes this quarter (two of them are history of photo), the classes range from 4-9 wks depending upon which class you choose. My photo class is 9 wks, my history classes are 6 wks and they all overlap in strange and interesting ways. 😉 I am definitely going to continue to take more classes. I’ve already signed up for more classes next quarter. 😀

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