Yoga Girl…

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post… two weeks… really? Wow.

School started up again and I’ve been taking photos left and right, up and down, and even from the inside of the refrigerator! I’ve been having a blast, but my time seems to escape into the ether. So blogging has had to take a back seat.

As part of one of my photography projects, we went to watch a friend of ours run in a half marathon. My taste-tester was on puppy duty, and I captured a few cute moments of Sweetie.

Here she is asking to go meet that cute boy…

Her and the cute boy… he really liked her too!

And here she is showing off her yoga moves to the cute boy (and checking to see if he’s watching 😉 )…

My apologies… posting will be random for awhile, perhaps more so this semester because I’m taking three classes. I’ll write when I can.

Until next time…


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