Fiori di Sicilia…

I purchased Fiori di Sicilia (“flowers of Sicily”) at a time when I was making bread daily. I had visions of veganizing Panettone one day. Then life threw me a curve ball and making bread daily just wasn’t something I wanted to do.

Lately, I’ve been getting that old feeling again, the desire to play with dough. And somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered that little bottle of Fiori di Sicilia. This weekend I felt like making pancakes and thought the citrus extract would be a nice change of pace.

I used the recipe I usually use from seitan beats your meat (online pancake recipe). I substituted the Fiori di Sicilia for the vanilla extract, using only half of what it called for (ie. 1 tsp vanilla extract –> 1/2 tsp Fiori di Sicilia).

While making the pancake batter, I had that moment when you hesitate, you know just before you put in a new-to-you ingredient you think to yourself, “will I ruin this whole batch with this one ingredient?” I smelled the Fiori di Sicilia one last time, and decided that I would go for it. I tasted the batter and it was good with just a hint of citrus… I then had my taste-tester taste the batter and he agreed that it was good. Whew! 😉

While the pancakes were cooking the smell reminded me of shortbread cookies. But the actual taste of the pancakes, topped with maple syrup, reminded my taste-tester of orange sweet rolls and I had to agree. These were awesome, and I’m not embarrassed to say that I ate half of that stack. 😀

Oh and that electric skillet, that my in-laws gave me years ago, is the best thing for pancakes. I could make 6 pancakes at once!


Now to find more recipes to incorporate the Fiori di Sicilia into. Any ideas?

Until next time…


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