Shortly after making lasagna, I was craving a cheezy dip big time. I knew the one I wanted to make, I just needed a few more ingredients, onion powder and miso.

The craving started because I realized I hadn’t used my nutritional yeast in quite some time and it had expired. I had to buy a new can, which meant a reminder that I don’t make things with it nearly often enough.

I made this dip back when we lived in the DC area, so that was a few years ago now. But my memory told me it would be good. And I was right… this stuff is very good. I like it better heated, once it starts to cool I can taste the sweetness from my soymilk more, so just a tip… eat it warm.

The recipe comes from a rather cool book called The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook by Jo Stepaniak. I made the ‘Melty Chedda Cheez’ on pg. 60, which is the Melty White Cheeze with added miso, paprika, and dry mustard (and less salt). You heat it up on the stove and the flour starts to thicken the sauce… it makes a really good dip. I added a few dashes of chili powder to mine.

Meanwhile, I made some wild rice (I was thinking about these lettuce wraps). I also made some bean mixture and guacamole.

Can you believe that the guacamole in that picture is from ONE avocado! It was a really big avocado, the size of a baseball and round like one too. I think it might have been a Reed Avocado.


I heated up some taco shells, chopped some lettuce, diced a tomato, opened a can of black olives, and a bag of Red Hot Blues. And voila taco dinner with cheezy dip! 🙂


“But I NEED tacos! I need them or I will explode! That happens to me sometimes!” – Gir (Invader Zim, Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain)

Until next time…


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