Final Exam Diptych…

I haven’t gotten my grade back yet for the course, but I think I did pretty good. We had one assignment where we fixed a portrait (skin tone, white balance, exposure, etc.), but it is of my taste-tester, so I won’t be posting it on the blog. In case you haven’t noticed, neither my taste-tester nor myself like our picture being taken. You may also notice, that I tend not to take pictures of people in general.

That’s ok, plenty of photographer’s capture people. I capture other stuff; wildlife, pets, landscapes. It’s all good. 🙂

In the future, I will probably take a portrait photography class, just so that I have the skill. But portraits aren’t really my thing. That said, my photo shoot on Saturday involved both people and pets, so I had to do some portrait work. I was the photographer for “photos with Santa” for people and their pets. It was a learning experience for me since I tend to take candid photos of animals. The effort to get everyone (the pets more than the people) looking at the camera at the same time, takes some skill AND lots of photos. It was all for charity, and I did help to bring in some money for the cause. Hopefully the humans were happy with the photos. 😛 For obvious reasons, I won’t be posting those photos either.

But what I will post, is what I turned in for my final exam. We had an hour and a half to complete the tasks. We were to take 5 photos of our instructor, and 5 photos of objects set out in the room. We were to correct the white balance and exposure on all 10 photos. Then we were to rate the photos and pick our favorite. For our favorite, we were to remove things from the objects, ie. the instructor had a sticker on his face, the toys had crayon marks on them, and other objects had a rubber band on it. I decided to go with my strengths, which isn’t portraits, and picked one of the object photos. I put in a bit more effort because I had two objects in my photo (instead of only one).

The little pumpkin has a rubber band around it, and the toy plane has crayon marks on it which I removed via Photoshop. I knew that those who chose to use a portrait photo would be doing some sharpening and softening like we learned in class, so I did some polishing to my photo as well. I sharpened the objects and added some grunge techniques, which brought out the grain of the wood on the table the objects are sitting on.

Once we were finished ‘fixing’ the favorite photo we were to create a diptych of the original and the ‘fixed’ photo. I choose to add some shadowing effects to make the pictures look like they were in a frame. I’m very happy with the final diptych.

Hope you enjoy! (click to enlarge)

Until next time…


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