My photo shoot on Saturday went really well. I’m very happy with the results.

I’ve got two more photos I want to show you… the first is an HDR photo, the other is my final exam (which will be in the next post).

HDR (high dynamic range) is created by bracketing your shots. Bracketing is to take multiple pictures of the same scene (usually with a tripod) at different exposures.

For HDR, the bracketing usually consists of at least three shots… One shot is the ‘correct’ exposure, then at least one shot underexposed and one shot overexposed. You can take multiple shots of over and under exposure, I’ve heard of three or four of each.

There are other software packages out there that do HDR, but for class we were learning Photoshop and it has a HDR blending option. You can make your pictures look more real or more surreal adjusting various sliders.

I tried out various photos and just wasn’t happy with any of them. Then I finally found a photo that worked out great. My HDR is composed of one shot at the ‘correct’ exposure, one at 2-stops underexposed, and one at 2-stops overexposed. The finished photo looks kind of like a painting to me. I’m really happy with it. The top photo is the ‘correct’ exposure, and the bottom photo is the HDR…

Until next time…


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