Halloween Cupcakes, How-to…

Cooking is fun. It’s even more fun when you get to play with your food! 😀

Did you know that marzipan (aka almond paste) is very much like playdoh in texture? But you can eat it!

Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself here… let me back up just a bit.

I found this cool book called Ghoulish Goodies, and on the cover is a great picture of a cupcake with tentacles and an eye. The book is full of all kinds of great ideas for Halloween, but I was most interested in making swamp monster cupcakes.

So I went on a quest to find the materials needed to play, I wanted the supplies to be vegan (and edible)…

  • marzipan
  • icing colors
  • candy pearls
  • food grade markers
  • apple fruit strip
  • I took out some marzipan and added kelly green to it… wow it was very kelly green! I wanted it to be more of a swampy/putrid color, so I added some copper, then some golden yellow. Ah… now we are talking!

    I rolled out the marzipan between two sheets of parchment paper, then cut into tentacles. I added the candy pearls (dividing out each color) to the tentacles. I also cut (free-hand) the apple fruit strips into half moons. Then I drew a pupil on the fruit strip with the edible marker (black). Sooooo much fun!

    Oh.. I got kinda tired of making tentacles, so I rolled up the rest of the marzipan and claimed that those were the baby monsters coming out of the cupcakes. 🙂

    Now it’s time to make a confession. I actually made a different cupcake first, from my trusty copy of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World, by Isa Moskowitz.

    I made pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes (p.126, recipe on web). Which were awesome, by the way. But the ‘frosting’ turned out to be more of a cinnamon glaze and didn’t really work for my creation here.

    So I ‘had’ ( 😉 ) to make more cupcakes… I chose to make chocolate cupcakes (p.37, recipe on web). Then I made 1/2 a batch of fluffy buttercream frosting (p.142, recipe on web) and colored it with the kelly green, copper, and golden yellow to try to match the tentacles.

    Then I assembled them… it was actually kind of difficult! I ended up cutting a slit in the cupcake (after the frosting had been applied) for each tentacle… but the tentacles started to droop. Another confession here… I ended up propping those suckers up with a toothpick each (to keep it all edible you could probably use pretzel sticks). Then I rounded the half-moon eye a bit and placed it in the frosting… and tada… swamp monsters!

    These were totally fun to make, and delicious too!

    Until next time…


    7 thoughts on “Halloween Cupcakes, How-to…

    1. Wow wow wow these are amazing and fun! I’ve never made swanky cupcakes like these before, only the lazy girls ones (aka Betty Crocker) I’ve never bought marzipan either because I wasn’t sure what exactly it was or what you do with it so I finally learned-thanks!

      • Tiffany – I had no clue about marzipan either! But that book used marzipan for the tentacles, so I was game! 😀 The marzipan smells very almond and tastes pretty good… but super sweet. In fact, these cupcakes were insanely sweet with all the extras! 😀 We felt like running around the complex after eating them… haha.

      • Alison – I think I’ve seen it before in the grocery story (perhaps the baking aisle).

        I bought this one when I was getting some other goodies for decorating (the markers, food coloring, and fondant — which I still need to play with) at Sur La Table. I had intended to go to the regular grocery store, but counted myself lucky that I found all I wanted in one place. 🙂

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