No, I’m not calling you a dip stick. 😉

In my photography class we learned how to make diptychs. A diptych is viewing two photos at once. And as you might imagine there are a whole host of polyptychs like; triptychs, tetraptych, etc.

I just thought they were called collages, but I’m sure there is a technical difference in there somewhere.

I came across this blog that explains some of the uses for using a diptych, like telling a story, or zooming in on a part of the subject. It’s a pretty cool read/ photo eye candy if your interested.

For me, since I’ve got the pups on the brain, I wanted to practice with pictures of Floofy and Little-bit. You might be asking yourself, isn’t that just like the other collages you’ve posted? Well, yes and no.

The other collages have the black border aesthetic-ness that I like, but the main thing is that for this photo (and another photo I created to turn in to class), I did manually in photoshop. As in, I resized the photos, then I determined the size of the new photo (the diptych) and created the borders. My previous collages, I did in picasa… and it did it magically for me. Now I have the tools to figure out how to do it all myself, control is the key here.

I hope to figure out how do to do more photos in the collage/polyptych type format manually through trial and error. I’ve always wanted more control than picasa would give me. Now, I just may have the knowledge.

If you are curious, I created a diptych for my assignment with the apples and the sliced cake from this post. I think it worked out really nicely. I’m never really sure whether to post my assignments during class, so until I feel comfortable doing that, I’m sorry to say that you’ll have to wait until after the class is over to see my favorites. But as I’ve done in the past, I’ll be happy to show you my practice ones, I hope that’s ok. 🙂

Until next time…


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