Study Weekend…

This weekend is a hardcore study weekend for us. My mid-term (for accounting) is next week, and my taste-tester has several things due as well.

While studying, the inclination is to run out and get easy meals… sometimes that is frozen meals. But I have found that too many frozen meals in a row makes me feel a bit lethargic, which is something I don’t want or need when I’m trying to study.

Another option might be to get take-out… but there again is the risk of feeling lethargic, with the added time-sink of having to go out to get it.

But I decided that I wanted to have something nearby that wouldn’t zap my energy, and would possibly even give me energy.

My solution this weekend was to try to prep most of the meals I had in mind. I also wanted to feed us a rainbow, to give us the most nutrients possible. In other words, my aim was to prepare home-cooked whole foods, while trying to make it as easy as possible on me.

I had three cravings… Spaghetti, Burritos, and a Hummus/Pita Sandwich.

On Friday, I put a pound of pinto beans in water to soak. I decided to take Pam’s suggestion of cooking the beans in the slow cooker on high for 4 hours, but since I tend to have a sensitive tummy, I also soaked the beans in water for 4 hours first. They came out perfect. ๐Ÿ˜€

Isn’t it so strange that this little bean can get this much bigger?

I started some rice cooking, adding lime zest and juice, veg broth, olive oil, and black pepper to the cooking water. When the rice was done an hour later, I added green onions and cilantro. (Following the directions for Cilantro-Lime Rice p.95 from Viva Vegan by Terry Hope Romero)

I also prepped some veggies…

    orange bell pepper
    lettuce mix (already prepped)
    baby carrots (already prepped)
    green onions (not shown)

While all that was happening, I decided to make spaghetti for dinner that night and for leftovers. Spaghetti is an easy dish and one that I knew would be ready to eat that night. The rest of what I was working on was preparation for future meals.

Friday night we had salad with orange bell pepper, lettuce mix, baby carrots, celery, and cucumber. I topped the salad with some great nuts for added zing (pecans with cranberries and black pepper). Along with spaghetti, green olives, and garlic toast. Yum!

This morning while I was eating my breakfast, I took those cooked pinto beans and made refried beans (Following the directions for Home-style Refried Beans p.86 from Viva Vegan by Terry Hope Romero). They came out so creamy and delicious… I realized they had the consistency of hummus… cool!

After a long day of studying, I was ready for some delicious burritos! Having done most of the work yesterday and this morning, I didn’t have much to do other than to heat up the rice, whole beans, and refried beans. I also chopped a cute little green heirloom tomato…

Oh, and don’t forget to open the black olives!

The rest of the ingredients…

    whole beans
    cilantro-lime rice
    green onions
    orange bell peppers
    flour tortillas (wheat)
    refried beans (oooo so smooth!)

Time to build a masterpiece!

First layer; refried beans, rice, whole beans, corn, and salsa…

Top layer; lettuce, orange bell pepper, tomato, green onion, black olives…

Served with blue corn chips and more salsa (not shown). Yum!

We have a ton of leftovers and we haven’t even had the hummus/pita sandwiches yet. I hope to build and take pictures of that tomorrow.

The prepping beforehand has been great, plus I kind of miss eating the rainbow. It is so good for you and so appealing to look at.

Well, I’ve got to get back to my homework… I do, after all, have a mid-term to study for! ๐Ÿ˜€

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Study Weekend…

  1. Your salads look like something from the WF bar–seriously!

    And I need to start making beans at home. It’s highway robbery how much they charge at the store for just one can, it’s so much more economical to make them at home but I get lazy about it. Whenever I move and have my crock pot out and ready, it’s on!

    • Tiffany – Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve always had trouble getting beans tender, it was only recently, like within the past few weeks, that I finally got them to be the desired texture! Who knew that the key was a crockpot! The refried beans came out so creamy! I was just amazed. ๐Ÿ˜€

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