Happy Hour…

On Wednesday, we had a bit of rain. It doesn’t rain that often here, so when it does, it makes the news. Apparently, the airport gets an average of 0.55″ of rain in October, on Wednesday it got 0.44″.

I was at home, looking out my window, enjoying the autumn day. And thinking about the hummingbirds.

My dominant hummingbird, we’ve named him Napoleon, flew up onto the ledge under my overhang to continue his ‘ownership’ of my balcony while staying dry…

I can tell which hummingbird is Napoleon, mainly because he perches at my balcony the majority of the day, but also because he is the only one who sports a spiky hairdo.

Most days I can find him perched and puffed up, showing his content. As soon as the rain stopped, Napoleon perched and puffed up.

Here he is showing me that my attempt to deter his perching on top of my hanger with a post-it doesn’t work when the post-it gets wet…

But the most surprising thing about that rainy day was that I finally got to see just how many hummingbirds I really have. I’ve always suspected that I had about 5 or 6.

I try to find some distinguishable feature on them to tell them apart. Napoleon has the spiky hairdo, and one of the females has a strange tip on her beak (which you can see in the picture below). But I was never really sure just how many were visiting the bird feeder.

Around sunset, the birds distract Napoleon so that they can get some of the nectar from the feeder. It’s a cooperative effort on their part and interesting to watch. I call this time of day, happy hour, because that’s the only time I get to see two to three hummingbirds feeding at the same time.

On this particular rainy Wednesday, I had my camera out because I thought Napoleon was being exceptionally cute. I actually saw five hummingbirds feeding at once! Yes, five!

Unfortunately, I had my shutter speed too fast (in an attempt to capture their wings not blurred), but there was just not enough light, so those pictures turned out black. Luckily, I was able to adjust my settings quickly and caught four hummingbirds feeding at the same time. Yea!

Poor little things are soaked…

So, now I’m fairly certain that I have six hummingbirds. I know for a fact that Napoleon would not have been one of the five, because he is always chasing the others away. Or telling them off with his chirping and head bobbing… he does not cooperate, hence the name we’ve given him.

I hope you enjoyed these photos of my wild feathered friends. 🙂

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Happy Hour…

  1. How nice to have so many cute humming birds on your deck. I’m surprised that they were all there eating together……I thought that they would fight each other off……glad to see that they worked together and got a chance to have some food….. : )

    • Pam – Yeah, it’s really cool, for the most part several of them are very cooperative. But there is always one that is dominant and thinks he owns the balcony. Same was true at my last apartment. I had a dominant female, but the others were cooperative. I much prefer when they are cooperative, there is plenty of nectar to go around. 😉

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