And We’re Back…

In case you haven’t heard, San Diego, most of So Cal and some of Arizona experienced a blackout yesterday.

For my area, the power went out around 3:30p and was back on around 1:30a.

For the most part, it was pretty much a non-event for us. Sure, I tried to get out to go to my class, but quickly realized that this was bigger than a local outage and as soon as safely possible, I turned around and came back home. My taste-tester arrived soon thereafter.

We walked around the complex and took in the craziness of the situation. We were going to go for a longer walk, but cars were NOT always stopping at the traffic light like it was a four-way-stop and decided not to risk it.

Later in the evening, after sunset, we took another stroll around the complex because it was really cool to be able to actually see the stars without the city lights. The moon was so bright that we actually had a moon shadow!

It was an interesting event, but we took advantage of the darkness and went to bed early.

Obviously, we now have power. I am a bit concerned about the items in my fridge, it was 10 hours after all. I may have to replace some things (Refrigerated Food and Power Outages: When to Save and When to Throw Out). They said on the radio that food in the freezer would be fine for a day or two without power (full freezer = two days, 1/2 full freezer = one day). But that several items in the refrigerator would only be ok for two hours.

Luckily, I’m a vegan, so things like meat, dairy, eggs, and mayo aren’t in my fridge. But I probably have to throw out that kale salad (Greens, pre-cut, pre-washed, packaged)… boo. 😦

So we are fine, for those of you wondering. I’m going to go through my fridge now and clean it out of the items I should discard.

Until next time…


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