Playing With Background Color…

I’m coming off a glorious high from my photography class tonight. These past few weeks I’ve been working hard on my assignments, I had three due tonight. I was still working on the last of them last night. But the effort was so totally worth it! I can’t wait to show you guys my photos once my class is over. The one that I thought would be the hardest, light painting, turned out to be a fun adventure, and a lot of work. I was rewarded with lots of Ooooos and Aaaaahs from my classmates and instructor. Yeah me!

I’m sorry to keep teasing you this way, but hopefully you will be just as excited to see the unveiling as I am to unveil for you… wait, what? Um… I mean, to show you my favorites from this semester’s photo class. 😀

In the interim, I have been playing around with some food-styling of sorts. Not too much, because, well, you know, I had my homework to do. But I was thinking about my last post and how even though the food looks good, it’s just missing something. I’m thinking I can do better.

So if you will indulge me, the subject of the photos isn’t too important at this point.. I was just taking photos of whatever I was eating at the time. Heh.

I got the idea from this blog to change the background color, so I added color by putting a cloth napkin under my food.



I also was looking at Chocolate Covered Katie’s latest photos and got the idea to add something interesting to the photo as well, so I threw some chocolate chips onto the cloth for the cookie photos. Speaking of Katie, these are my attempt at her latest creation, yummy, quick and easy flourless chocolate chip cookies

What do you think? Better with the red background, I think. 🙂

Know what the best part about food photography is? You get to eat the props! 😀

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Playing With Background Color…

  1. The red really does make a significant difference – amazing! The chocolate chips are a nice touch too.

    And oh – Basil Pesto Sabra?! How come I haven’t seen that one around here yet!! That’s one I’d totally dive head first into!

    • Alison – Thanks! I like it with the red too, but as my friend pointed out, the fold creases on the napkin are distracting, I guess next time I should iron it first. Heh 😛

      The Sabra is a new flavor, I just happened to see it one day. My favorite flavor is still the red pepper, though.

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