Squirrels, Bunnies, and Pasta Primavera…

This week was a bit harder for me to find balance. My photography class is starting to take off and I still feel behind in my accounting class. I’ll figure it out this whole balancing life thing soon (I hope πŸ˜‰ ).

Anyway, my photography class had me out and about. We went to the beach to try to get some more bird and train pictures like I’ve done in the past, but this time everything on the camera was manual, plus my assignment was a bit different than in my previous class, so unfortunately none of the beach pictures were keepers for my assignment.

We did, however, see a squirrel, a rabbit, and I did get one really good photo of the birds flying overhead…

Yesterday, I was goofing around with custom white balance. My kitchen shots (read: food) are always such a hassle. The lighting is a mixture of florescent, incandescent, and depending upon the hour, natural light. So which white balance do you choose? Sunny? Florescent? Incandescent? Auto? None of these really makes a very good shot, I usually have to do some post processing to ‘fix’ the color– it is usually shades of blue or shades of pink.

Now that I have a somewhat better understanding of white balance, I decided to try the custom white balance on my camera. Basically, you take a picture of a white sheet of paper and then follow your camera’s instructions for setting the custom white balance.

I think the kitchen pictures turned out much better, white-balance wise at least. As for exposure (too light/too dark), I’m still working on that. Even though I have all these lights on, it is apparently not really all that bright in my kitchen. I set my camera to 800 ISO (for class we set it to 100), and since I wasn’t using the tripod I set the shutter speed to no slower than 1/15th of a second… I’m just not stable enough with it slower than that (not many people are). So that meant that the aperture had to be set to f5.6.. I forced some pictures to f8, but then I had to lighten them up post production.

Now that I’ve rambled on and shown I’ve learned just a few terms and concepts… let’s get to those food shots, huh?

I had these veggies in my fridge…

I had originally wanted to make two dishes, but never felt that I had the time to devote to them. So on the fly, I decided to make a pasta primavera of sorts. You might even say I made an Italian stir-fry. I chopped up the above veggies and sauteed them in olive oil with salt, pepper, dried basil, dried oregano, and dried marjoram…

Then I put them over a bed of pasta…

I didn’t add any sauce, and it was delicious. For my leftovers (that I’m eating right now), I added just a touch more olive oil, salt and pepper after putting it in the microwave for a few minutes. Yum.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Squirrels, Bunnies, and Pasta Primavera…

  1. I love sauce and condiments but some dishes don’t even need them and I love that. However, a little olive oil never hurts. I need to buy some veggies and just made a meal like this!

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