Manual Focus (Hummingbirds)…

Another week has gone by it seems, and I’m still climbing out from under a pile of homework (mostly accounting)… but it’s all good. I love to learn new things, and as stressed out as I am, I’m loving it.

My assignment for my photography class was to read my camera’s manual, I learned a lot about my camera. While goofing around with the settings, I was also sitting out on my balcony hoping the hummingbirds would come by and not be scared off by my presence. I used my long lens (70-300mm) and set everything manually, including focus.

Two hummingbirds braved the balcony to check out the feeder and the flowers. One is a male who has been perching on my hanging plant’s chain for the past few days. He has been chasing away everyone else, which I’m not too happy about. I’d rather have the 5 birds get along and share the feeder, but I’m not sure that is possible.

Anyway, the male bird flew around for me, so that I could take his picture. I’m not sure you can tell, but the male bird looks like he’s wearing a black mask… right along his neck, if he holds his head just right, he has feathers that stick out beyond his head, like a superhero’s mask or something. 😉 It’s most visible in the 5th picture (the last one of the male).

A little while later a female came over, and her head glowed yellow when the light hit it just right. She checked out my flowers as well as the feeder.

Sorry to cut this so short, but my new mantra seems to be, “I need to go study”.

Until next time…


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