Great Breakfast Idea and The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald …

I was going to just write about something I’ve been experimenting with the past few mornings, but I just got back from the grocery store and wanted to tell a little story first.

Just outside of Whole Foods was a guy setting up to start playing his guitar. On his guitar case was a sign that said, “Got Hungry?”. Here I am popping into the grocery store to grab a few veggies and just outside is a guy going hungry. I asked the cashier for change, so that I could give the guy a $5. When I got outside, I was given a gift in return, the guy was playing and singing, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (by Gordon Lightfoot)… for you youngins check out the youtube video…

What ever happened to songs that told stories? Such a great song! And I imagine some pretty hard lyrics to remember, too.

Anyway, on to the breakfast experimentation…

Ok… so I was checking out Hungry Hungry Hippie a few days back and she was talking about how she prepares for her 12-hour shifts at the hospital – lunch, snacks, tea, etc. And she mentioned something about making her own oats that she put in a baggie for when hunger strikes. She didn’t go into it much, but it got me to thinking. Can I just put oats, sugar, and dried fruit together for my taste-tester and all he’d have to do is add hot water?

Well, my first attempt was to just take my regular oats (10min cooking time) and put it in a bowl with brown sugar, maple sugar, cinnamon, and dried cranberries. I poured boiling water over the oats and sort of let them steep until they absorbed the water. Um… it didn’t really work out that well. Not sure if I miss measured, but there seemed to be too much water. I ended up adding more oats and zapping it in the micro and adding a dab of earth balance so that I could still eat it. Not a great first try.

But it got me to thinking about the different cooking times on various oats out there. So since I was headed to the grocery store anyway, I put quick oats on my list to see what I could find. I decided on Old Wessex Instant Oats. I choose this one because, it says right on the canister that you just add boiling water, which is exactly what I was after.

Ok, so now I have my instant oats… time to add the flavorings. My taste-tester and I like to mix maple & brown sugar with cinnamon & spice when we buy the little packages of flavored instant oats. So I decided that was a great place to start. Why, you might ask, don’t I just buy the pre-packaged instant oats? Well, I thought it might be kind of nice to be able to control the ingredients.

I’ve made this combo for the past two mornings. Unfortunately, my taste-tester was running late yesterday, so he didn’t get to taste the second trial. But he was able to this morning, and he likes it. I, personally, have been enjoying having oats three mornings in a row. In fact, I think it helped my run yesterday that I had oats about an hour before I went out. 🙂

Here’s my recipe for instant oats, hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I used maple sugar, rather than maple syrup, because my intent is to put this in a baggie that my taste-tester can put in his desk for times when he might need to curb his hunger. The logistics are still a bit fuzzy, somehow I need to get him a bowl and a way to measure out and heat up a cup of water. It’s still in the research phase.

Homemade Instant Oats

☀ 1 cup water
☀ 1/2 cup Old Wessex Instant Oats
☀ 1/2 Tbsp. brown sugar
☀ 1/2 Tbsp. maple sugar
☀ a dash or two of cinnamon
☀ small handful of dried cranberries (about 1/8 cup?)

  1. While the water is boiling (preferably in the microwave), put the rest of the ingredients in a bowl that can hold about 2 cups.
  2. Pour boiling water over oat mix and stir.
  3. Wait about a minute for the oats to absorb the water.
  4. Eat and enjoy!

Obviously, the toppings are endless. But I think this is a great starting point.

Until next time…


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