Pad Thai Salad and Spicy Potato & Corn Salad…

The past few nights I’ve tried out some recipes from Appetite for Reduction (by Isa Chandra Moskowitz), and let me tell you they were awe-some! Obviously, I won’t be posting the recipes, but I will be posting the pictures and telling you some of the changes I made.

First up, Pad Thai Salad (p.33) w/ Peanut-Lime Dragon Dressing (p.34) and Red Thai Tofu (p.149)… (click to enlarge)

Instead of using regular tofu, I opted to use baked tofu (which I prefer). It cut down on prep time as well. I also used pea shoots instead of bean sprouts. It took me longer than the recipe says, but keep in mind that taking pictures while cooking always makes the process take longer.

I paired up the Red Thai Tofu with the Pad Thai Salad w/ Peanut-Lime Dragon Dressing just as the cookbook suggested. I also made a side dish of Pad Thai Noodles (Dr. McDougall’s), which I accidentally overcooked. I served these Thai dishes with WF Seeduction bread w/ soy garden and green tea. My taste-tester and I loved this combination! Rating: Awesome

The next night, I decided to make another dish from Appetite for Reduction, Spicy Blue Potato & Corn Salad (p.18)… (click to enlarge)

I actually made a few changes to this dish. I didn’t use chipotle in adobo sauce primarily because it is generally too hot for me. Not to mention, what do you do with the rest of the can? So I opted to use Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, which adds heat but still has flavor (ie. doesn’t burn your tongue off). Also instead of blue potatoes, I subbed in red potatoes and I did not peel them. Otherwise, I stuck to the recipe (Note: I just realized that the paprika was cut off in the picture, oops).

By the way, the potatoes and corn get steamed. This was a new way for me to cook both, and I loved it! The corn was so sweet! Again, this dish took a bit longer than the cookbook said, but with picture taking it always does. This made A LOT of food, but I look forward to the leftovers! I served the potato salad with WF Seeduction bread w/ soy garden and peach lemonade. Rating: Awesome

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