Photography Final…

Well, I had my final review for my photography class last night. I think I did pretty good. It was a really short class, only 4 weeks, but I learned a ton of stuff. The class focused on blur motion, and it was quite a challenge for me.

Tiffany asked if I could show my photos from the class. I never did get to ask the teacher, but now that the class is over, I think it’ll be ok.

I created a little collage of the photos I submitted for the final. I hear that this is really easy in Photoshop, I had to do it all by hand in GIMP (rescaling the photos, moving them around in layers, etc.).

Anyway, hope you enjoy. 🙂

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Photography Final…

  1. Nice pics, I like them all but I think the train one is my favorite. I use Picasa to make collages and it’s fairly easy (i.e. I can do it so a monkey can do it)

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