Safari Park, Part II: Elephants and More…

The last post got a little photo heavy, so I decided to make it a multi-part-post. Hopefully 17 pictures for this post isn’t too many.

For this post, I will attempt to show the landscape of the Safari Park (landscape pictures are not my strong suit). I think it is also a pretty good visualization of what many parts of San Diego look like. See, from movies and TV I always thought that San Diego would be flat and the beaches would be just sand. Boy was I wrong! This area is full of hills and valleys and the beaches are rocky and interesting. Sure there are still some sandy beaches for swimming, but I much prefer the rocky beaches for the scenery. Now keep in mind that although these pictures do show the hills and valleys of the area, this is the only area that has the animals like this. I’m certainly not saying there are giraffes and tigers in our valleys. Haha. 🙂

The Safari Park, has these trams, carts, and caravans that you can ride to see the animals much much closer. They also have a flightline, which I will never do (I’m afraid of heights). There are also camping tents that you can sleep in and hear the animals (wild!). We didn’t do any of those things (yet). For this trip, we stayed on foot. I had my long lens so it does look like I’m close enough to pet the animals in some pictures, but trust me, I was a safe distance away. 🙂

Next, I want to show you my beloved elephants. There were several baby elephants there (awww too cute). Apparently three male elephants were born last year. It was fun to see several generations of elephants frolicking together. I’m posting two pictures of the little ones running, because I thought it was too cute that the little one was running with his trunk and tail up then out (heehee). There was one older (teenager?) elephant that had silver tucks, we heard a tour go by saying that the elephant had had dental work. It’s the one with grass on its back in the family photo. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the photos of our fun little outing at the Safari Park!

Until next time…


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