Camera Practice, Part II: More Zoo Animals…

If you can tear yourself away from the absolutely adorable picture of the sleeping koala, I have some more pictures to share from our latest adventures. Our visit to the zoo allowed for some interesting subjects. I wish I had written down the names of the animals I found interesting enough to photograph, but alas, I did not. Some are obvious, and some you can tell that they might be from the same family line as something you’ve seen before, but as for the actual name of the animal, I’m at a loss for some of these.

I had my long lens so I was able to photograph the big predatory birds that were far away, which is really cool. I hope to become more comfortable with my equipment so that I can change the lenses with ease in a crowded situation. There was a hippo that was insanely cute hanging out near the wall of the aquarium, my lens was far too long for a picture of him, but another fellow photographer was taking pictures with a dSLR and a short lens right up against the aquarium and was getting shots of his whiskers and teeth. Oh, well, maybe next time. I do have a great advantage with the long lens, though, I can get shots that others cannot, many of my pictures look like I’m standing right next to the animal, when in reality, I’m very very far away. Hope you enjoy part two of my recent camera adventures.

Until next time…


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