Hummingbird Garden…

I’ve been wanting to write for days now, but I’ve been so bogged down with all the things that get piled up when you leave for a trip. Not just one trip, but two trips within weeks of each other. Add to that a recent move, and you have quite a list of things to do. I think I finally have things under control, though there are still many things left to do. The apartment is starting to take shape and is feeling more like ‘ours’.

While I was traveling, my plants took quite a beating. My new balcony gets many hours of sun, and I think the plants were a bit shocked. The first week I was gone, the weather here got a bit warmer than I had anticipated and the plants looked almost dead when I returned. They were quite limp, but still green. I was lucky, and spent the following week watering them daily and they perked back up. Though you could tell that they had been through quite a bit, too much sun and not enough water.

I moved the plants so that they would get less sun, on my second trip out of town, and the weather appears to have been much nicer during that period of time. They were still a bit dry, but much better looking than the first trip. It’s been cool and misty the last few days and I think the plants have been enjoying the change. The basil is just about spent, and the fushia looks spindly but alive and still blooming.

This week, I went on a search for hummingbird plants that could handle 6+ hours of sun, I picked up a columbine, a salvia, a hibiscus, and a bougainvillea. I also bought another basil plant. I planted daisy seeds several months ago and they have been thriving, they look like I’m growing lettuce, so I decided that perhaps they needed to be moved to a bigger pot so that they could bloom. The avocado plants are doing well, although the leaves got a bit burnt while I was away. All in all, my hummingbird garden is coming along quite nicely.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the feeder to be visible to the birds, but out of the sun. The sun will ferment the nectar. Previously, my balcony not only gave shade to the feeder, there was also a feeling of safety. My current balcony is wide open, and I think the hummingbirds might not feel safe here. I’ve been wanting to try to find a small tree that would provide shade and a place to perch. I was originally thinking of a ficus tree, but they can’t handle that much sun. I’ve been eying a lemon tree, but haven’t found one within my price range and, more importantly, one that would fit in my car. The other option I’ve been thinking of is to get a standing hanging pole which I would put in the shaded part of my balcony, I still need to research that though.

I hadn’t seen any hummingbirds since I’ve moved. I knew that they might not find my feeder, and I knew I’d be away on trips back to back, so I didn’t hang the feeder up until this week. But I hadn’t seen any hummingbirds elsewhere either. Finally, this week I saw a hummingbird check out my feeder, but not perch or feed from it. And while I was out getting plants, I saw a hummingbird at the nursery. So I’m hopeful that the hummingbirds will come to my balcony again.

I’ve got a million things to do, so I’ll sign off for now.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Hummingbird Garden…

  1. The colors are so beautiful! And I am insanely jealous of your avocado plant, as I spend entirely too much money on my avocado stash each week. My own garden in Michigan wouldn’t support such a venture, but it’s good for other things šŸ˜‰

    • Abby – The avocado plants are from seed, I was able to grow one for awhile when I lived in Alabama several years ago, but I didn’t bring it in the winter and it died. šŸ˜¦ I have yet to keep the avocado plant living long enough to bear fruit. Since these are from California avocados and I currently live in California, I have hopes that the plants will eventually bear fruit. But that may be many years away! Haha.

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