Home Sweet Home, Dr. Seuss Trees, and Beer-drinking Gargoyles…

We arrived back to Home Sweet Home, San Diego, today around 6pm and it was so nice to see the sun again! St. Louis was friendly and all, but it just isn’t San Diego! This past week it was rainy and grey everyday I was there except one! I think it will be even harder getting me to leave San Diego now that I’ve seen the tornado season of the Mid-West! Nope, St. Louis was a business trip. Our move was to another apartment in San Diego. Sorry if I confused you all with my wording, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks.

Prior to our leaving for the business trip, my taste-tester and I went out for a drive around town. My taste-tester commented on how the trees reminded him of Dr. Seuss trees. It turns out that Dr. Seuss lived in La Jolla, California. When we were kids we thought that the trees were just funny drawings. But as we looked around, we realized that Dr. Seuss was just drawing what he saw! Here’s my first attempt to try to capture some Dr. Seuss trees with my camera.

Today, before we headed to the airport, we stopped by the Anheuser-Busch brewery, but we only took the street view tour. On the sides of the buildings are these beer-drinking gargoyles. Well, maybe not what you would typically call a gargoyle, but there were statues of beer-drinking foxes. Renard the Fox, actually, who, incidentally, was used for marketing during Prohibition when Anheuser-Busch made Bevo, or ‘near beer’, when alcohol was illegal. I took some pictures of the neat relief sculptures on the buildings. They just don’t build buildings like this anymore.

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