New Twist On An Old Favorite…

I haven’t been that inspired in the kitchen lately, so we’ve been eating out more. On one such outing we went to Extreme Pizza1 and ordered a calzone, which came with an amazing red sauce for dipping. A discussion ensued about how this sauce differed from the sauce I usually offer when I make calzone. And it hit me. I’ve been using spaghetti sauce as my red sauce, and this restaurant clearly was using pizza sauce. The next time I went to the grocery store, I made a point to pick up some pizza sauce. I found this…

So one night, we were in the mood for a snack and I mentioned that I could make some garlic bread and pizza sauce. It was delicious, and it started a conversation about how the sauce reminded us of a pizza place of our youth. When I was a teen, I used to work at that pizza place, and in an odd twist of fate, my taste-tester used to frequent that restaurant with his family. I don’t think our paths crossed at this moment in time, but we have the memories of the food there, and that’s what matters here. Anyway, this restaurant, of which I was a cook, had an item on the menu which used pizza sauce over fettuccine, and it was a favorite of my taste-tester’s. And that’s what Muir Glen’s pizza sauce reminded us of…

So, I went and bought some more pizza sauce and decided to use it on linguine (because I have not been able to find wheat fettuccine)… and it was delicious!

Who knew that pizza sauce would make a great change to our usual spaghetti? I’m glad we tried it out, it was awesome!

Another new twist on an old favorite, is a bit funny and a bit geeky, but I enjoyed it, and thought I’d pass it on. I am a big fan of Pink Floyd, and as it turns out, so is my taste-tester… I wish we had had the money to go on a road trip back in 1994 to see them in concert with our friends. Anyway, I came across this interesting rendition of The Dark Side of the Moon in 8-bit, while reading the blog GeekDad. Basically, the whole album has been “produced as an 8-bit mirror of the original, the music on this release was created using sounds from various old games consoles including the Sega Mega Drive and Nintendo Game Boy.” 2

It sounds really good! If you like techno, if you like Pink Floyd, or even if you just like to see what other geeks are up to, check out this album. 🙂 And no, this is not an April Fool’s joke… it’s for real.

Until next time…

1 No, Extreme Pizza is not vegan, they do have a no-cheese pizza, but that’s not what we ordered. When we eat out, we stay vegetarian, but are flexible with the dairy/egg omission, realizing that it is not always easy to remain a strict vegan while eating out.
2 Pterodactyl Squad


2 thoughts on “New Twist On An Old Favorite…

  1. Interesting, I’ve never tried pizza sauce b/c I figured it wouldn’t be that much of a difference so now I have to try it.

    That is so random that him and his family used to go to that place but you never crossed paths!

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