Sunset At The Beach…

We were able to make it to the beach during the week just before sunset… I brought the SLR and long lens, and my taste-tester was my point man so that I could get in the zone.

The seals were lounging around getting ready for sunset, I was able to capture some great expressions. I’m proud of these, enjoy…

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Sunset At The Beach…

  1. BEAUTIFUL! The seal expresions are great, especially the one with the tongue sticking out and the little heads floating in the water. Cute! 🙂

  2. I am envious of your view. Your pictures are just gorgeous, I can’t believe they were right there–you never see that! Now that I don’t know if you ever see that, I am an East Coast beach girl and I can’t imagine a seal rolling up right on the beach.

    • simplyshaka – The seals do come right up on the beach, for the most part, the seals are protected from humans by a cordoned off area, especially when the baby seals are born (pupping season). It’s a big controversy among the locals as to whether (human) kids should be allowed to swim at the “children’s pool” while the rest us (those who are animal friendly) are happy to share that beach with the wildlife knowing that there are plenty of beaches around here for the humans. On the weekends, both sides of the controversy are usually on hand with tables and pamphlets stating their reasons for their side of the story. I enjoyed our mid-week visit, the protesters were not there that day. 🙂

      Also keep in mind that even thought it looks like I’m standing right next to them, I am several (~100 or more) feet from the seals, and up high away from the actual sand… I used my long lens (70mm-300mm), usually at the 300mm range. 😉

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