This Little Ducky…

… was hanging around a grocery store yesterday, so I decided to take her picture. I liked the purple on her wings, usually I see green or even blue, seldom do I see purple. She walked over to me while I put down my groceries, and dug through my bag for my camera… when she realized I wasn’t going to feed her, she turned away. My camera battery was dead, but she hung around long enough for me to switch batteries and take a few photos. Had I picked up the romaine I was eyeballing in the store, I would have opened it up and given her some… but I had decided to get broccoli slaw instead… and didn’t think she’d like it. Eventually, she walked away…

Until next time…


One thought on “This Little Ducky…

  1. SO cute!

    we have a pool, and when it’s covered in the winter it fills with several inches of rainwater… we have a lake and river behind our house, and ducks come over from there and swim in our pool… it’s so fun! 🙂

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