Calzone Lovin’…

I’ve had a giant craving for pizza and calzone type foods…

You may recall that I make a wicked calzone. It’s so good that not only does my taste-tester call it F@%*ing Good and Wicked Awesome, my in-laws request it when they come to visit. In the past two years, I’ve omitted the cheese and it’s still just as amazing as ever. 🙂

I picked up a couple of zucchini and some pizza dough over the weekend. Tonight when I started getting out the ingredients to make the filling, I remembered that I had a few items leftover from the cleanup night… namely, onions (cooked), carrots, black olives, and about 1/4 of a tomato…. the red sauce I planned to use is sockarooni which has carrots in it… I love olives on my pizzas, and hey, tomatoes… that’s the main ingredient of the red sauce… I figured, I couldn’t go wrong.

And I wanted to blog about this, because I think it’s a great way to show that you can be creative in the kitchen, and leftovers are a great inspiration. You can make all kinds of things and swap out ingredients with what you have on hand… I do it all the time. It’s very rare that I make the same dish exactly the same way twice. I also didn’t have any fresh basil, so I used dried… no problem.

The thing I love about cooking is that you can make a giant mess, play with science, and create something absolutely amazing… hopefully you get to do all these things in the same meal.

I managed to make a giant mess this time…

So a note, make sure your dough isn’t too thin… heh. I flipped them over so that the filling wouldn’t burn… this step is usually not necessary.

Not a problem though, I’m going to pour red sauce on that sucker… so it’ll only look like this for a few minutes. 😉

Other changes I made this time, was to put a pinch of salt and a dash of garlic powder on the top of the calzone. I thought it would give the dough a nice pop of flavor.

I also decided to save the filling and dough for tomorrow’s dinner separately… normally I cook up all the calzones and then reheat them in the oven. I figured if I’m going to have to bake them in the oven anyway, why not make them ‘fresh’.

My taste-tester is on his way home, I just need to zap some red sauce in the microwave, and then dinner is ready…

You know you want some too… here’s the recipe 😀

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Calzone Lovin’…

  1. I love his name for your calzones.

    I learned the make sure the dough isn’t too thin bit last year and haven’t tried to make once since, I guess I’m a little scarred? Maybe I should just suck it up and try it again.

    I agree with you on the leftovers and creativity it brings with using them. Some of my favorite creations have been with the random things in my kitchen and like you, rarely use the exact same recipe when I make something.

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