A Day In The Life…

Sadly, with this post you will realize that my days are actually pretty boring. While I’m sure that you think I spend my afternoons frolicking on the beach and the evenings whipping up a delicious fest (hey that rhymed)… in reality, I spend the majority of my time cleaning or taking very very slow walks with Little-bit. But one of the writing challenges is to bullet your whole day, so here we go…

Day 12 – Bullet your whole day.

I chose today because I’m coloring my hair, not just touching up the red, but playing with the purple again. I had some ideas as I fell asleep last night, so I thought I’d implement them and see what happens. I decided to bleach the ends and then color those purple… pictures and explanation below.

My day usually starts like this…

brush teeth
put together my taste-tester’s lunch and make him a thermos of tea
throw on some street clothes
take Little-bit out/ kiss taste-tester off to work
feed Little-bit breakfast
make myself some tea and contemplate the day’s tasks

and from this point on my day is always different…
today I ate a banana and turned on the computer to start outlining my day for this post…

today’s goals:
☑ color hair (both red and bleaching the ends to turn purple)
☑ yoga
☑ laundry
☐ unload dishwasher
☑ general straightening around the house
☐ pay bills (I pay my bills two weeks in advance, so there is a buffer if I am unable to get to this today)
☐ start looking into python and if I think it will help me work on my old database for my cookbook program
☑ blog about my day

That looks like a good start…

Task one… color hair.

I put on some tunes and headed to the bathroom to color my hair…

First I put my hair up so that only the parts I wanted to bleach would be exposed.

I grabbed about a hand’s width of the ends to bleach. I covered the hair with foil and waited 30 minutes before I started on the auburn. Keeping the foil on the ends, I whipped out some haircolor kung fu and colored the rest auburn. Then I rinsed, rinsed, and rinsed some more. For more on my hair coloring procedure, check out my previous post. I towel dried my hair, put it up again.

And added purple to the bleached ends. Wrapped the ends up in plastic wrap and waited an hour.

Then rinsed some more. Total times: bleach (60 minutes), auburn (30 minutes), purple (60 minutes).

It’s subtle and low-key which is how I like it. Every time I play with the bleach and purple, I get just a bit more adventurous. The auburn is a bit dark but will mellow out in about 3 days and then it’ll be the color I like. I won’t have to recolor for about 8 weeks. The purple is temporary and will have to be refreshed often (weekly?), it all depends upon how often you wash your hair and how hot of water you use. I wash daily and have very hot showers, so the temporary color will not stay with me long. And if I choose not to refresh the purple, then it will just look like I have blond highlights on my ends… win-win.


I started the laundry (every 30 minutes or so I will go fiddle with it, until dinner time).

While I was waiting the hour for the purple, I fed Little-bit lunch, then I made apple cereal for myself.

I have found that I prefer to mix the almond butter with the soymilk. I think it makes the soymilk thicker and creamier, then I add the pumpkin pie spice, then the apple pieces, raisins, and pecans…

Which I ate while checking news and blogs.

Once my hair was dry, I took Little-bit out for another walk, this one longer and farther, taking my camera in hopes of finding a hummingbird willing to be photographed…

Nope, not today.

Upon our return, he wanted to hang out on the balcony…

I decided to make a cup of tea and to do a short class of yoga.

I’ve been wanting to make yoga a habit that I do daily, like brushing my teeth, rather than something I do ‘when I have the time’. Because invariably, I keep pushing the yoga further down on the priority list for the day. Case in point, today… I colored my hair in the morning, when I would normally do yoga. Then I was interrupted every 30 minutes by the laundry, making it difficult to do an hour long yoga session. So I compromised and did yoga much later in the day and did a short sequence. Baby steps.

I had a late lunch afterwards…

I continually spent the day running up and down the stairs every 30 minutes for laundry stuff (bringing down a new load, adding fabric softener during the rinse cycle, transferring the wash to the dryer, and then bringing the dry clothes back up to be put away). Fyi, my washer and dryer are downstairs in the garage.

Wow… where did the day go? By the way, it takes more time than you realize to write and take pictures. I am always amazed at how long I am just working on picking out pictures and then editing them (crop, correcting white balance, and resizing).

Soon my taste-tester was home from work, I fed Little-bit dinner. I didn’t feel like cooking, and we haven’t gotten to-go in a while… The Counter is kinda far away and the new one closer to us still hasn’t opened… so I compromised and went to Red Robin. I ordered a Whiskey River BBQ Burger (BBQ Sauce with Cheddar cheese, crispy onion straws, lettuce, fresh tomatoes & mayo). I substituted the Gardenburger and asked for no cheese and no mayo. I also ordered a Freckled Lemonade (blend of sweet strawberries & tangy Minute Maid Lemonade) for my taste-tester and a Peachberry Fruit Cooler (raspberry puree and peach fruit flavor are mixed together and finished with diced peaches and Sprite) for me. For desert, we shared a Chuao Spicy Maya chocolate bar.

We split the burger and fries… and it amazes me that now that I trying to listen to my body for satiety messages (Intuitive Eating), that even half the burger and fries made me overfull. I used to eat the whole thing by myself… crazy. Crazy that I could eat even less and still feel full! Wow, I really haven’t been listening to the satiety messages my body has been giving me. I plan to write up more about what I’ve learned from that book in another post.

We took Little-bit out for another walk.

Then we vegged out with some videos… Daily Show, Colbert Report, Zombie Roadkill, and Human Target. I think we might squeeze in some Being Human in just a bit (we loved the British version and are giving the American version a chance). (UPDATE: It got pretty late, so we didn’t watch this tonight.)

I’m currently enjoying another cup of hot green tea.

Then it’s off to bed.

Well, if you’ve made it this far… WOW! Whether you scrolled down just looking at the pictures or actually read this post, I sincerely hope I didn’t bore you. And now you know… I don’t always eat green stuff, and I don’t frolic on the beach daily. πŸ˜‰

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “A Day In The Life…

  1. I enjoyed this post alot! You normally don’t post what-I-did-today posts so it was interesting to see what a day in your life is like. And can I just say I’m diggin the purple? I would love fire engine red in my hair but the banking world would not have that.

    Very cool that Red Robin subs the burger fo gardenburgers, I never knew that. I am all for them having endless fries. And anytime I go, I always sing to my friends “My fries, my fries, my endless friiiiiiies” I’m crazy.

    Seeing Lil Bit on that bed always makes me laugh for some reason but in a good way!

    • simplyshaka – I’m glad you enjoyed it πŸ™‚ Fire engine red? Really? That would be cool! I’m actually thinking about bleaching and purpling more of my ends… I really like how it turned out. πŸ™‚

      I’d never been to a red robin until we moved to CA, I was so happy to see that they had veggie burgers… then I noticed that they would substitute any burger for a gardenburger or a boca burger… I like gardenburgers so I do that. πŸ™‚ Very cool when restaurants give you choices.

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