Sunny Saturday…

Took Little-bit to the beach again today, the sun was out and people were flocking to the beach, we had a nice time. I had a harder time capturing everything I found visually interesting today. Oh well, practice makes perfect.

I’m new to all this beach/ ocean stuff… but this is the most beach surface area (the amount of beach from the grass to the water) I’ve seen since we got here. I noticed it today because when I went only a few days ago, there was much less sand to walk on without getting our feet wet.

I was able to get some good pictures though. More birds in flight. In case you are wondering why I keep focusing on birds in flight, it is because it’s kinda hard to do. It’s a challenge to get the bird in focus. But when you do, it’s awesome! 🙂 Enjoy…

Until next time…


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