A little glimpse into my personality…

Hmmm… it’s been awhile since I blogged… mostly because, well, we’ve been eating leftovers… did I mention that the exploded enchiladas make quite a few servings? Well they do… I’m currently eating the last of it for lunch. I gave us a bit of a reprieve yesterday by fixing a very random dinner…

Random? Perhaps… Delicious? Definitely… (baked russet potatoes w/ soy garden, salt and pepper; baked sweet potato w/ soy garden; steamed carrots w/ soy garden and maple syrup; microwaved frozen green beans w/ soy garden, salt, pepper, and onion flakes; plus bread w/ soy garden [not pictured])… It was a soy garden night!… I figured we’ve been having plenty of beans lately, otherwise I would have also fixed beans…

So I obviously haven’t had any food to discuss. So what to write about?

I’ve seen two things on other blogs recently that interests me. One is the question, “What’s in your bag?” The other is a 30 day challenge questionnaire:

Who’s up for a challenge?

First up… What’s in your bag?

At first, I thought, my bag is pretty normal…

car keys & garage remote (not pictured)
safety pin (not sure how that got in there)
bluetooth headset
chap stick
point & shoot camera (and bag w/ extra battery & memory card)
wet ones (you can never have too many of these right?)
dog poo bags (empty, of course 😉 )
sun screen (yes, spf 40… I burn easily 😛 )
hairbrush and hair doodads
and coupons… cuz I always forget them and thought I’d just shove them in my bag and see if that would work

Without the coupons…

But then I remembered another pocket in my bag…

I’d completely forgotten… these have been in my bag since I left to move to San Diego, nearly 7 months ago (you can see them in my car during the trip)! Eeyore! Yea!!! And the option to listen to my own music via sound-fly (and a memory stick) rather than the radio… completely forgot. I would get them out each morning on the trip across the country, then put them away each night… they’ve been sitting in my bag ever since… haha.

A little glimpse into my personality. 🙂

Ok… so for the second part… the 30-day challenge. I don’t blog everyday, so I will do one each time I post (just like Janetha)…

Day 1: Your current relationship

I’ve written about how my taste-tester and I met before, so I’ll elaborate on other things about our relationship. First, the short version, we met when we were in high school, we think we met our junior year, but actually became friends our senior year. Started dating two years after we graduated high school. Then got married 5 1/2 years after that.

My birthday is in the winter and his is in the summer, so I’m 6 months older than him. I’m not really sure why now, but I wanted desperately to be the same age when we got married. When our initial wedding date was canceled (which would have put me at 25 and him at 24 for a month), I vowed to be married before I turned 26… which meant it had to be between our birthdays… hence, we chose Winter Solstice. It’s funny, for the most part, our age is of no consequence… neither of us drink, so I was just teasing him when I turned 21 before him… it is strange to come across the big mile stones before him, like turning 30. But really… not a biggie.

When we first got together, we seemed to be opposites. Opposites attract, so they say. Oddly over the years, we’ve managed to mesh, and we no longer seem opposite. I’d still prefer to be a morning person, but am completely content with staying up with my night-owl… that is until Little-bit wakes me 4 hours later… then I curse having stayed up. I think we both changed and picked up habits of each other so that we no longer seem to be so different from each other. I’ve also really mellowed over the years, so maybe I’m more like him? But then I think about how he has to have ‘face-time’ at work, which is sooo not him, and I see that my outgoing personality did rub off on him too.

I’m sure that to friends and family it seemed like everything changed once we got married… but I think things were slowly evolving and just happened to culminate around the time that we tied the knot. I had been dabbling with changing my hair color (from blond to red) for the previous year or so… I finally found a color that I think suits me better, and have been auburn for about 13 years (I’m blond in my wedding pictures). About 6 months after we got married, we became vegetarians… but that was mostly due to the fact that the years leading up to our wedding date, we’d been eating so unhealthy (and gaining weight) that we were ready for a change. My in-laws came to visit, and my mother-in-law had been told to change her diet by her doctor. She looked great! She looked 10 years younger! What are you eating? She was on the Dean Ornish Heart Disease Reversing Diet… which happened to be vegetarian and low-fat… I just took those ideas and ran with them… an now we’ve added to that idea and became vegans. I’ve never been healthier! And I was a really, really sickly kid. What’s incredibly funny about the vegetarian thing… is that it was viewed as me changing him… where as, I was the big meat eater, not him. I was the picky eater, not him. The transition to a vegetarian diet was easy peasy for him… he was already nearly there! Oh… so funny. So whatever changes that came about, we did it together, and slowly. It didn’t happen overnight, and it didn’t happen because one of us forced the other to change. We evolved, we grew… together. So, no, I’m not the girl I was when I was 18… nor am I the girl I was when I was 25… I’ve grown up… and I did it with him.

Ok… that was interesting… I hope.

I took Little-bit to the beach today… I’m going to go play with those pictures and hopefully post some of them soon. 🙂

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “A little glimpse into my personality…

  1. Hooray for both of these items! I like the stuff in your purse, especially your wallet. I don’t know how I don’t have poop bags in my purse, maybe because they seem to be in every coat pocket of mine? Seriously. But it makes me feel better I’m not the only one with poops bags all over the place.

    I enjoyed the story of you two (again) and really like how to you worded it as evolved and grew together. So many married couples I know change (not in the best way) from who they are and from each other these days. I like hearing about couples who are still going strong.

    On another note, I always wondered what hair color you had. I was going with brunette 🙂

    • simplyshaka – Auburn is kinda brunette 😉 I was originally going for strawberry blond… I was always going lighter.. the idea of going darker was kinda scary. But once I did, it just fit. The darker hair with my fair skin and hazel eyes just works so much better and then the auburn over the brunette just fits my personality so much better. I’m glad I tried it. 🙂

      I know I’m a lucky girl… to have found a friend and mate in one. We had our rough patches, but we worked through them and only became stronger and closer. He’s my best friend, I think that makes all the difference in the world.

      Invader Zim… (the wallet)… I like Gir… he’s on my wallet and my avatar. 🙂

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