The Great Taste Off…

You may remember that my dear friend gave me a bunch of lemons that resulted in the best lemonade. Soon there after she gave me more lemons… which also resulted in amazing lemonade.

Then one day at the grocery store, I went ahead and picked up a bundle of meyer lemons… the next day, my friend gave me more lemons! 🙂

My taste-tester suggested I compare them. After all, I had been wondering if my friend’s lemons were meyer lemons or not…

And so I present…

The Great Taste Off

My idea was to taste the lemon straight, then to make it into lemonade… comparing the two. And I would have my taste-tester join in, too!

Step one:
Gather lemons…

Step Two:
Prep lemons for juicing…

From the very beginning, I noticed a few slight differences… the lemons from my friend had a firmer peel and a bit more pith… but keep in mind that the lemons from my friend are only a few days old, whereas, we have no idea how old the lemons from the grocery store are (weeks?).

Removing peel…

Heh… quite a few peels…

Step Three:
Juice the lemons… sorry no photos.

Step Four:
The setup… the little shot glass is what I used to measure out the lemon juice and simple sugar, by the way…

Prior to my taste-tester coming home from work, I did the experiment myself (of course, I knew which lemons were which). For the straight lemon, my analysis is that the meyer lemon was ever so slightly sweeter. For the lemonade, I felt that my friend’s lemons needed just a touch, a smidge, more simple sugar.

When my taste-tester got home, I presented him with the setup above… but the meyer lemon bag was moved so that he would NOT know which lemons were which. His was a blind taste-test. For my friend’s lemons, he felt that her’s had a touch of orange flavor, whereas the Meyer lemon was milder.

Overall, we agreed that the taste was very similar, and more importantly, delicious!

Step Five:

Ultimately, I just combined the two juices…

I now have enough lemon juice to last me a few days… maybe two. 😉

I’m still not sure what kind of lemons my friend’s lemons are, but they are most likely a close relative to the Meyer. I wonder if my friend’s lemon tree is near an orange tree (or was at one time).

Mmmmm…. all this talk of lemons… I think I need to go make myself a glass of lemonade…

Until next time…


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