I mentioned before that I really wanted a telephoto lens for my dSLR camera. Well, I did a bunch of research and then finally decided to place an order at a very well known photography store, B & H photo. Everywhere I turned for advice, it became apparent that this store was the mecca for photographers. They have a really cool website that made finding what I wanted a breeze. My lens plus some other supplies arrived Friday.

Taking pictures with a telephoto lens turned out to be quite different from taking pictures with the lens that came with the camera. First of all, let me say, WOW! The distances I can capture are AMAZING! The thing is, I need to practice with the new lens… it is very different to look through a lens that can see that far away… think of looking through binoculars… it takes a bit of getting used to looking back and forth between the lens and your regular sight. I kept loosing the subject, like when I was stalking hummingbirds. Then you have to negotiate with the camera as to where the focal point is… but really all these things will just take practice. 🙂

First let me explain a bit about my lenses, the camera came with a 18-55mm lens… so most of the pictures in my posts from August until now have been with that camera and lens. The lens I purchased is a 70-300mm lens. The range is insane, I can see stuff really, really far off… also the ability to take macro pictures of flowers is different too, it won’t focus if you are too close. This is the reason photographers have many lenses. :mrgreen:

Ok… let’s get to those photos!

The bee came out really good, if I do say so myself. Oh… and speaking of spectacular pictures… I’m afraid that some of these pictures just loose some of their POP when I reduced them from 5184×3456 pixels to 500×333 pixels…. several of my photos I’ve been using as my desktop background, like that pompom flower that I posted mid-flowering… it’s just insanely cool at 5000 pixels… 10x smaller just looses some of its gusto… These pictures have been cropped so that the main focus is still visible at such a small scale.

Anyway… the bee picture is really cool! The non-humming birds posed for me, so that I could practice. 😉 My favorite is the bird holding his little foot up. And then there are my attempts to capture the hummingbird on film. Not a bad first try, if I do say so myself…

Do you know what kinds of birds these were? I seem to not really know the names of birds or flowers, but I like looking at them. 🙂

Until next time…


6 thoughts on “Telephoto…

  1. You should take pictures for a living–I love all of your nature photos! Sorry, no clue about the birds–I know the basics–pigeons, parakeets, etc.

    By the way, Lincolns latest obsession is chasing squirrels when we go out. I think of you every time 🙂

    • simplyshaka – Thanks! Would you believe that I haven’t seen a squirrel since early July!? The last one I saw was on the roadtrip from DC to San Diego… my friend tells me that there are squirrels here, I’ve even gone to the park where she saw a gopher and is home to many squirrels. When I went, I didn’t see the squirrels or the gophers. I’ll see one soon, I’m sure… until then I guess I’ll have to live vicariously through you! 🙂

      • I would love to ship some over to you if possible. I almost have a heart attack each day when Lincoln decides to chase one into the middle of traffic. It’s cute but then again, I don’t need that kind of stress!

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