Stalking Hummingbirds…

In my opinion, hummingbirds are a somewhat elusive subject to take photographs of…

If I’m on a walk without my camera, the hummingbirds practically tap me on the shoulder and flit very near me, even when I have Little-bit with me. But when I do have my camera, they tend to not be around or fly away very quickly. I know that it isn’t because I am attached to a predator (ie. Little-bit) that they fly away, so somehow they must have talked to the squirrels in DC and don’t want a photo-shoot.

I have been stalking these lovely birds ever since I moved to SoCal. I have come to know the sounds that the hummingbirds make in contrast to other types of birds, so I know when to have my camera ready.

There are times when another bird will pose for me, so clearly, I must take its picture…

I’ve located about 4-5 areas that the hummingbirds like to hang out, and about what time to go looking for them. Now, I’m not saying that I stalk the hummingbirds everyday, but when I do have the time, it is nice to have an idea where and when I might be able to see them.

I have decided that I would like a telephoto lens, which I have dubbed ‘the hummingbird stalking lens’, to get more detail. I haven’t decided on which lens yet, much like my decision to buy a dSLR, I take my time and ‘buy it right the first time’. I have seen some lenses that actually cost more than the camera itself, eek.

Still researching, but the interesting thing is, I thought I would want a macro lens since I’m always taking pictures of food, but the lens that came with the camera is doing just fine, so I’m glad I didn’t run out and just buy a lens without really knowing what I would want, for the types of things I like to photograph. The other day, when I tried to take a photo of a dolphin, I realized that a telephoto lens is the type of lens I would like have.

Here are a few hummingbird photos from the other day…

Until next time…


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