I Think I May Have Gotten Sunburned…

Don’t hate me…

Today around 2 o’clock it was 85°F outside, so I decided to take Little-bit to the beach. I remembered to put suntan lotion on my arms, but not my face… and now my face has that slight tingly sunburned feel. And before you think I’ve totally become a California girl, might I remind you that I’ve only been to the beach twice (well, now three times) since I’ve been here (almost 5 months). I’m still trying to figure things out, like where to park and how/where to pay for that parking privilege.

Today’s adventure was the longest we’ve hung out at the beach. Little-bit and I had to keep going to my car to add more money to the meter, because I wanted to take pictures at sunset.

I feel bad for all of you who are currently submerged in snow. If you recall, in February I was greatly disgruntled by the snow. I’m so glad we moved to SoCal. 🙂

Instead of hating me because I’m in the sunshine, how about living vicariously through me and allow these images to warm you up. 🙂

The surfers were out in full force, and I think I might have seen a dolphin! It was really really far off, but I saw the profile of a fin and an arched body going in and out of the water. I think it may be time to get a telephoto lens… which I have recently dubbed ‘the hummingbird stalking lens’… which I’ll talk about in another post.

Let’s get to those beach pictures, shall we?

First up, that dolphin picture… what do you think?

For the rest, I’ll let the picture tell the story…

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “I Think I May Have Gotten Sunburned…

  1. Even though it’s bitter cold here (but no snow-boo!) and I love the cold, I am extremely jealous of your sun burn in December! I can’t believe you live somewhere so gorgeous, it would be completely dangerous for me to live somewhere like that since I would most likely ditch work to go to the beach. Beautiful pics as always….

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