Wordless Wednesday…

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday…

  1. Yaaaay for Little Bit pics! I didn’t know that leaves change colors in SoCal–I learn something new each day. What kind of flower is the one in the last picture? It’s gorgeous.

    • simplyshaka – I didn’t know if the leaves would change either, nicely surprised. 🙂 It’s still like autumn here, which is awesome… it’s in the low 70s in the day and drops to the mid 50s at night. The pictures of snow on the east coast are pretty, but I don’t miss being cold. I love autumn… so it’s a nice change to have a longer autumn.

      I have no idea what the flower is, I’ve tried googling “pink pom pom flower” in the images section and I found someone else who took a photo of a flower that looks the same, but they didn’t say what it was either. I actually wasn’t sure the first time I saw it that it wasn’t an actual pom pom that someone placed on the plant… I literally tugged at it first to make sure it was real before I came back later with my camera. 🙂

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