Pomelo, Persimmons, and Apples, Oh My…

Why is it that come Monday afternoon I say to myself, “this weekend I’m going to do [insert goals and aspirations here]”. Only to realize that I didn’t do those goals and aspirations just yesterday or the day before, and now I have an entire week to wait before it’s the weekend again. My rebellious mind conveniently forgets the debauchery filled weekend full of things like, hanging out and doing nothing.

So yeah, I still need to rearrange my kitchen. Something I kick myself for nearly every time I set foot in there. Why I don’t start doing it right then, when it occurs to me, is quite simple. I’m usually doing something else. Be it grabbing a bite to eat, or starting dinner… whatever it is, the act of rearranging the kitchen is just not feasible at the moment I remember the desire to have things put in a different place to make my kitchen experience more efficient.

Unfortunately, it’s not just my kitchen that has this problem. It’s every room in the house. 😕 We put things in places that worked for the moment, clearly planning to make it better in the future… and well… it’s been nearly 5 months now. heh.

I don’t have an ‘until now’ story… I just felt like griping.

So instead of ‘yea, I accomplished something’… I thought I’d tell you about some new-to-me produce…

Do you remember the oro blanco grapefruit, it’s a cross between a grapefruit and a pomelo? Well, I bought a pomelo!

The pomelo is quite a bit larger than the grapefruit, but it also has more pith. In fact, there was not much edible fruit at all. Personally, I thought the pomelo’s fruit was a bit tougher than that of a grapefruit, although the taste was sweet. For my money, though, I’m going to buy the oro blanco grapefruit, it has the best of both worlds – succulent sweet fruit with just a hint of sour.

You may recall that for many years now, I’ve been on a quest to taste new-to-me apple varieties… I recently came across a few more. Ambrosia, Jazz, and Arkansas Black…

Arkansas Black – I wasn’t sure at first if this was going to be an eat-out-of-hand apple, because the skin felt kinda thick. To my delight, this is a great eat-out-of-hand apple. It is crisp and sweet, just the way I like it, and even though the skin is a bit thicker than your average apple, it is thinner than say, a Macintosh.

When I went back to the store to pick up a couple more Arkansas Black apples, the produce guy was out and had just cut open an apple for another customer. He asked me if I wanted some too. I asked what kind, and he said, Cameo (my favorite), so I said, sure. 🙂 Then we had a small conversation about the Arkansas Black, where he mentioned that the skin has a flavor that most folks don’t warm to, because, in his view, most apple’s skin don’t have a flavor. I told him I’d had the Arkansas Black that morning, but with cinnamon and raisins so I hadn’t noticed the skin flavor. So he plucked up an Arkansas Black, cut off a piece for me and I tried just the skin alone, saving the inside for just a moment later. If I had to try to describe the skin, which apparently I do since I’m writing this, I’d have to say it tasted ever so slightly like a cherry. But honestly, I had to really concentrate to taste the flavor. Perhaps it blends so well with the flesh that I just didn’t see the problem. I liked it, skin and all. Both in my morning fruit cereal and plain – in the isles of a grocery store.

Cameo – I came across this variety many years ago, when I first started my quest. This variety has without a doubt remained my favorite variety of apple. It is crisp and sweet, and an excellent eat-out-of-hand apple. And apparently seasonal, because I can only find it in the fall and winter even when other varieties of apples are available year round like, Breaburn and Gala. I have also cooked the Cameo variety… but not often because I enjoy it so much out of hand.

Jazz & Ambrosia – I found these varieties a few months ago. They are both crisp and sweet, excellent eat-out-of-hand apples. I haven’t tried them cooked, yet.

So if you want my opinion, which I guess you do since you’ve read this far, the order in which I tend to buy apples (prior to finding Arkasas Black, Jazz, and Ambrosia) is this:

  1. Cameo – if I can find it.
  2. Breaburn – usually available year round (crisp and sweet with a hint of sour), excellent eat-out-of-hand and great to cook with too.
  3. Gala – If I cannot find the first two, or to add to a mix for cooking.
  4. Granny Smith – I like to buy a few of these, to mix with the above, if I plan to cook up some apples in a pie or homemade apple sauce.
  5. Yellow Delicious – only if I’m cooking up some other varieties and feel that it might need a bit more sweet.
  6. Red Delicious – NEVER… I have a true aversion to this apple variety. No matter when I pick one of these up, I never get a crisp apple, the flesh is always grainy.

Lastly, I finally took the plunge and decided to pick up some Fuyu persimmons…

How to describe a persimmon? I’d have to say sweet, really sweet actually, with the texture of a firm tomato. I probably need to try these out in some cooked form, because, to be honest, I don’t see what all the hype is about. Sure it’s sweet, but it’s a non-distinct sweet. If you gave me a bite of this blindfolded, I wouldn’t be able to identify it like I would a strawberry or a cherry, you know? It reminded me of white sugar. So I wonder if when cooked, another note of flavor is revealed.

On a final note, I also tried a new flavor of soy milk… a seasonal flavor… Pumpkin Spice Silk… I’m usually not one to go out and buy flavored milks, I can make my own flavors at home in a smoothie. But this caught my eye, and I decided to try it. The best way I can describe it, beyond yummy, is to say it was kinda like snow cream.

Have you ever had snow cream? My mom used to make it when I was a kid. We’d gather up some snow, making sure it wasn’t yellow (heh) or too close to the ground. Just the freshest looking untouched snow. Then my mom would take this snow and add stuff to it… I don’t know what, but when I was older I found out she put raw eggs in it and I never wanted it again, so I never asked for the recipe. Anyway, childhood memories still have this snow cream as something sweet and exotic, because it wasn’t something we could have very often (it had to snow first). So yeah, that’s what this reminds me of… nope, it doesn’t taste like a pumpkin pie, at least I don’t think so. It just tastes sweet with a bit of fall spices. I had thought of adding it to some espresso, but to be quite honest, I liked it so much straight up that I (I mean, we) drank a whole carton before I could make espresso. This picture is of the second carton I’ve purchased, it isn’t opened yet, maybe I’ll be able to make espresso before it’s all gone this time. 😉

Until next time…


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