Mushroom & Tofu Stroganoff…

Ugh, I’ve been so tired lately… I think I’m channeling my inner hibernating bear! And I didn’t post yesterday… oops.

Monday I made a recipe that I found online, from a fellow vegan mofo blogger, called Mushroom & Tofu Stroganoff. It turned out pretty good…

Although, I wanted the sauce a bit thicker and I was thinking it needed a bit more spice. So I decided to tweak the leftovers, I made a rue with 2 Tbsp. soy garden (margarine) and 2 Tbsp. flour… then I slowly added a cup of broth (1 cup water + ~1 tsp. better than bouillon vegetable base) and a few dashes of thyme. Then I let it simmer a bit to thicken. Next, using a slotted spoon, I removed the mushrooms, onions, and tofu from the leftover sauce1 and added them to the thickening broth and let it simmer a bit. Meanwhile, I was heating the leftover noodles in the microwave. When the broth and mushroom sauce was nice and thick, I added the rest of the leftover sauce and let simmer just a bit to have all the flavors meld, but careful not to burn the cream in the leftover sauce…

I really liked the thicker version with the added thyme. I think in order to achieve that thickness from scratch, I would make a rue in a separate skillet (doubling the amount I used for the leftovers) and slowly add the liquid from the original recipe… making sure to wait on the cream. I would probably also add about 1 tsp. thyme to the original recipe.

Very good stroganoff 🙂

Until next time…

1 I didn’t want to burn the cream that was already in the sauce, but I did want to make sure the flavor of the tofu and mushrooms melded with the new components of the sauce.


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